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Barriers to Employment Success Video

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Author: Editors @ JIST
Format: DVD - 25 Minutes
Date: 2009
Number: JST-577421


Whether individuals are looking for a job or working to keep the one they have, they are bound to face obstacles. Some won't have a resume or reliable transportation. Others may lack the education or experience needed to advance on the job. These are just a few of the barriers that people face in the world of work every day, but they can be overcome.

To successfully find and keep jobs, people must prevent their problems from becoming obstacles or excuses.

This video takes viewers through the five categories of barriers that often stand between individuals and employment success. It also helps viewers develop the attitudes, resources, and know-how to meet their needs, analyze their options, and take action. As a result, viewers will be better equipped to overcome their barriers and achieve long-lasting success and security in the world of work




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