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Overcoming Barriers to Employment Success, 2nd. Ed.
The Key to Getting and Keeping a Job

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Author: John Liptak, Ed.D.
Format: Paperback/98pp
Date: 2015
Number: JST-320307


For many people, finding and keeping a job is a major challenge—one fraught with numerous obstacles, both material and mental. A lack of transportation, a lack of career guidance, a disorganized resume, a prior conviction, family responsibilities, low self-esteem, a drug addiction—the list of potential barriers is long, and many job seekers face more than one.

This workbook provides numerous worksheets, checklists, tips, and journaling exercises to help job seekers move beyond their barriers to find and keep a rewarding job. Job seekers will:

-  Learn to overcome personal, physical, financial, and emotional barriers to getting a job.

-  Discover more effective ways to find work.

-  Explore education and training options.

-  Make better decisions and develop a career plan.


New Edition Features

-  Updated to reflect global changes in society, the world of work, and how people overcome barriers in the 21st Century.

-  New tips that help individuals alleviate emotional issues and manage stress.

-  New guidance on using social media effectively to network and research occupations.



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