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Shaping Our Future by Building Character in Students
Overview of character education programs for school administrators and teachers

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD
Date: 2005
Number: JST-641594


  • Discussion of character education trends, models, and programs
  • Successful character ed program discussed by Nancy Girvin
  • Character ed program in action at the award-winning Lawrence School District in the Midwest
  • How character education activities can be used in the classroom by Dr. Lori Wiley
  • Successful character ed program for "at-risk" students explained by Dr. Charles Girvin
  • Key character education traits explained and demonstrated

This instructional tool is designed to teach principals, administrators, and teachers how to successfully implement a character ed program in their schools. Administrators can show this video to PTOs, PTAs, parents, and school boards to help them explain the goals of a character education program.

In addition to providing examples of successful character education programs, this video has motivational quotes and content on understanding diversity. Plus, it connects to the JIST Life character education workbooks and the student character education video.

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