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Soft Skills in the Workplace
2nd Edition

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Author: Editors @ JIST
Format: DVD Video - 35 min.
Date: 2016
Number: JST-320819


Technical skills may get your clients or students hired, but their soft skills will determine whether they meet employers’ expectations and succeed in the workplace. Soft skills are the personality traits and interpersonal skills that allow us to adapt to changing circumstances, manage time and resources, and work well with others.

This video discusses the importance of soft skills in the workplace through engaging vignettes and interviews with hiring managers. Viewers will discover how to use and improve their soft skills to be more productive on the job and successful in their career. The video is divided into five sections:

  • Making a professional impression
  • Acting with integrity
  • Communicating effectively
  • Working as part of a team
  • Pushing yourself to succeed

Features and benefits:

  • Narrated by Emmy Award-winning anchor and reporter, Lori Wilson
  • Engaging scenarios depict problematic behavior in the workplace
  • Real-world hiring professionals put viewers inside the minds of employers
  • Critical-thinking questions foster self-reflection and discussion
  • Designed to complement JIST's Soft Skills Solutions series of booklets
  • Includes a free instructor's guide that shares presentation suggestions, quizzes, activities, discussion questions, and more

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