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Get Ahead in Your Job
Part of the On-the-Job Success Three-DVD Series

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD/20 min.
Date: 2006
Number: JST-572679


Every company wants to hire and keep good workers, and employees want to obtain promotions and pay raises. Keeping employee turnover low reduces training costs and improves productivity. It also creates a workplace where teamwork and customer relationships can grow. This video teaches people very specific techniques to create a career path that constantly moves toward their highest goals for salary and achievement. Viewers learn how to create a career development strategy, how to create a strategy for getting a raise, and how to create a strategy for getting promoted.

On-the-Job Success Three-DVD Series

In this three-DVD series, viewers learn how to prepare for their first day, obtain the "soft skills" needed to keep their job, and create a plan for job success and upward movement. Designed especially for new or experienced professionals who want to move up in their jobs, these videos provide a strategy for success.

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