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Get Going on Your Job
Part of the On-the-Job Success Three-DVD Series

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD/20 min.
Date: 2006
Number: JST-572662


Starting a new job can create lots of anxiety and stress. Managing stress levels and having healthy relationships with co-workers is essential for success. Many people fail in their jobs because of dishonesty, disobedience, or a lack of people skills. By following these simple steps - and by developing "soft skills" - people can excel in their jobs and enjoy it. This video teaches viewers how to build up themselves, build a relationship with their boss, and build relationships with others.

On-the-Job Success Three-DVD Series

In this three-DVD series, viewers learn how to prepare for their first day, obtain the "soft skills" needed to keep their job, and create a plan for job success and upward movement. Designed especially for new or experienced professionals who want to move up in their jobs, these videos provide a strategy for success.

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