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Resumes and Cover Letters That Work
Part of the Keys to Getting Hired Series

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Author: Praxis Media Group
Format: DVD/9 min.
Date: 2016
Number: JST-320512


Your clients' or students' resumes and cover letters have an important job to do: to quickly convince employers to contact them. In this video, your clients or students will discover how to customize these documents to effectively introduce themselves to employers. They will learn about different types of resumes and get career coaches' top tips for creating, formatting, and submitting resumes and cover letters.

In this program, viewers will learn how to:

  • Use the resume style that is appropriate for their situation
  • Tailor their resume and cover letter to different job openings
  • Format their resume to pass screening software
  • Use keywords from job postings
  • Show how their skills and experience match positions' requirements



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