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Getting a Job with Traditional and Nontraditional Job Search Methods, 6th Ed.
Part 6 in the Getting the Job You Really Want DVD Series

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Author: Jist Publishers
Format: DVD/25 min.
Date: 2011
Number: JST-578244


There is no one right way to go about a job search. But in today's job market, some methods work better than others. How you go about your job search depends on the kind of job you are looking for. However, just about any job seeker will be more successful by using a variety of methods and emphasizing the strategies that work best. This video introduces you to the most common ways that people find jobs, from responding to online ads to calling employers to simply asking people you know if they can help. There are many different ways to uncover job leads. And there are many people who can help you—provided you know what questions to ask.

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