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Dress and Groom for Career Success

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Author: Editors @ JIST
Format: DVD video
Date: 2016
Number: JST-321403


With the help of this video, viewers better understand the best ways to present themselves professionally for interview and career success.

The program provides a wealth of examples that demonstrate practical dos and don’ts for dressing and grooming. Interviews with real-world hiring experts will put your clients or students into the minds of employers, so they are better prepared to meet employers’ expectations.

Viewers will:

  • Learn how to dress appropriately for the job they have or the job they want.
  • Identify the most effective ways to make a great first impression.
  • Gain insight into the minds of employers and hiring managers.
  • Understand expectations for grooming and behavior during interviews and on the job.
  • Acquire budget-friendly tips for finding the right clothes on a tight budget.

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