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Living Free
Inspiring Ex-offenders to Overcome Career and Life Barriers and Find Success

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD
Date: 2006
Number: JST-573706


  • Excellent program for ex-offenders in any state.
  • Features interviews with actual ex-offenders who have successfully transitioned into the workplace.

Today's world has its challenges and life is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Those who have been in prison recently may feel as though the world has passed them by - and that becoming successful is nothing more than a dream.

Living Free features four ex-offenders who have made great strides in their personal life. These individuals share their stories about their first experiences after release, how they overcame barriers such as transportation and finding employment, and how they dealt with the pressures of society. They talk about the importance of developing positive relationships and the role of family in their lives. Living Free also includes a group discussion of ex-offenders who share some of the things they've done to turn their lives around.

These stories help viewers to better understand what truly awaits them after their incarceration. Living Free inspires them to restart their lives on a positive path, gain employment, and find success. Most importantly, viewers learn what they can do to stay out of prison and finally "live free."

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