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Quick Resume and Cover Letter Video
2nd Edition

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD
Date: 2008
Number: JST-574826


Today's job seekers are moving faster than ever before to stay ahead of the competition and get the job they want. Both the resume and cover letter play a critical role in any job search. But many people spend too long trying to create the perfect resume and end up neglecting their cover letter and delaying their job search.

Quick Resume and Cover Letter Video shows viewers how to get over the initial hurdles of writing a winning resume and cover letter to get them on the inside track to success. Viewers gain the tools they need to create a good resume and cover letter quickly so they can start job hunting and getting interviews.

Quick Resume and Cover Letter Video features step-by-step instructions on

  • Using appropriate resume elements - from headings to optional items.
  • Developing phrases and examples to communicate skills and abilities, while downplaying weaknesses.
  • Writing superior cover letters in a half-hour or less using seven quick tips.
  • Understanding the importance of personalization and proofreading.

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