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You're Hired!

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD/21 min.
Date: 1997
Number: JST-572198


  • Real employers from large and small businesses answer questions about what they look for in the people they hire.
  • Very good in class settings: The video can be stopped after employers answer each question to encourage group discussion.

The job interview is an extremely important part of the hiring process. Knowing and understanding what employers look for in the people they hire can be the difference between working and staying unemployed.
This video packs a lot into 21 minutes! It answers a dozen questions job seekers have about interviewing, and the questions cover a range of issues before, during, and after the interview. AND, the answers come from employers--viewers learn their expectations! Some of the questions employers address:

  • When should I bring up pay?
  • What if I have little or no work experience?
  • What if I've been laid off?
  • How should I start an interview?
  • How can I make a good first impression?
  • How should I prepare?

Real employers are the experts in this video. They represent a variety of small and large businesses and industries, and their advice is important for new graduates as well as experienced workers

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