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You DO Have Experience!

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD/23 min.
Date: 1999
Number: JST-572235


Employers emphasize that THE most important aspects of an interview are 1) A candidate must be able to relate their skills and abilities to those the employer seeks; 2) They must be able to offer proof.
Suppose you're up for your first entry-level job, and you've yet to develop the specific skills and experience called for. Is there a way to present existing skills that could get a job offer, regardless of experience?
Happily, the answer is YES! Even entry-level job seekers possess much more experience than they realize. Part-time and summer jobs, volunteer activities, hobbies, and school-related activities are all sources of transferable skills that are sometimes more important to employers than job-specific experience or training.
Viewers follow four job seekers and learn:

  • Various life experiences supply plenty of "first job" skills and abilities
  • The high value employers place on transferable skills
  • How to identify, feature, and prove their transferable skills to employers, thereby presenting themselves in a more positive light
  • How first-time and entry-level job seekers with average or below-average grades can "get in the game" too
  • Advice from a career changer who returned to school to train for a new field

A strong presentation of transferable skills can make you the superior candidate for the job you seek, even if your specific skills and experience don't appear ideal at first.

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