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Growing Opportunities
Careers in Agriculture

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD/23 min.
Date: 2002
Number: JST-570156


  • Covers 23 careers directly related to the agricultural field.
  • Each person is shown in his or her work environment, and each gives an opinion of how his or her job is unique!
  • Graphics highlight job titles, recommended education, and salaries.

"Students really enjoy it. The video hits all the important subjects without overkill. It opens windows for students to investigate a variety of careers. And the video also gives teachers a lot of opportunities to create follow-up assignments."
- Donna Pinkerton, teacher in Ventura County

"It made me aware of all that is done in order for me to eat a good salad." This quote is from a student who watched Growing Opportunities, and it's true: Most people are amazed at what they learn when they see the wide range of people that a farmer interacts with during a typical day. The video includes thumbnail descriptions of 23 careers that exist in the agricultural industry. Some people work in the fields, and many are professionals, such as weather forecasters, chemical and fertilizer specialists, and others.



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