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Hands-On Learning
Part of the High School-to-Career Five-DVD Series

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Author: JIST Publishing
Format: DVD/34 min.
Date: 1999
Number: JST-570606


Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing!
If you play word association with young people, most will associate the word "learning" with the word "school." But in the world of work, there are other ways to learn job skills. Some of these even come with paychecks!
Hands-On Learning explains several nontraditional learning programs offered for graduation credit at many high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities. For example, young people may not know that some occupations can be entered ONLY through apprenticeship training programs. And the work experience and references gained through these programs are real advantages for resume writing and interviews!

High School-to-Career Five-DVD Series

  • Excellent for school-to-work programs!
  • Featuring real teens and young adults

The road to an ideal career can be quite a long one! A teen's path might include college, or it might turn towards a more specific sort of training... or it might point to none of the above. Whether they know which way to go or not, their future plans are only as solid as the experiences they gain along the way. That's where the High School-to-Career Video Series comes in.

A young person's work options, both paid and unpaid, are plentiful. Not to mention valuable! The tapes in this series will not only shed light on many of these options, but show how to make the most of them.

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