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Using Insights from Brain Science to Build Employee Engagement (Video)

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Author: Scott Campbell
Format: CD-ROM/Quicktime Movie - 90 min.
Date: 2011
Number: CONLEB-88909


This 90-minute seminar will provide you with practical information and powerful strategies to increase your employees' engagement strategies that are rooted in how our minds really work.

At the end of this seminar you will:

  • understand four keys insights about the workings of our mind that directly relate to employee motivation and commitment.
  • have practiced using these insights to respond effectively to several typical employee scenarios.
  • have created a strategy for using these insights to foster greater employee engagement with your own team.

Do You Need to Understand Better How the Brain Really Works?

Consider these critical components related to employee engagement:

  • what kind of feedback increases an employee's effectiveness.
  • how people really make decisions.
  • how individuals learn new skills and behaviours.
  • what motivates individuals to do great work.

Much of what is taught about such topics is based on non-substantiated theories of human behaviour - the pet theory of the particular consultant or author explaining it. Parts of what is taught may work. Much of it won't. Some of it will even be detrimental - eroding people's commitment and performance rather than increasing them.

Employee engagement needs to be grounded in reality, not theory.Brain science provides that grounding.

Do I Really Need a Science Degree to Be an Effective Leader?

No. But you do need to know some key things about the brain so that your leadership practices are consistent with how our minds really work.

For instance, did you realize that people generally make a decision for emotional reasons and then use rational thought and analysis to justify it. Think of the implication of that when you are in a team meeting and someone is disagreeing with you. Have you tried to convince them with logic, facts, analysis and evidence? Did it work? Not likely. They might have acquiesced to your authority, but not given their whole-hearted commitment. We need to know how the brain really works in decision-making to be able to get people to really buy-in, not just give-in because you are their boss.

That's just one example of the many ways that knowledge of how our minds actually work can increase your effectiveness and your staff members' level of engagement.

Brain science is a rapidly growing body of knowledge and much of it has direct application to leaders. But the science can be a bit overwhelming.

Scott is gifted at taking complex concepts and translating them into simplified, easy-to-use principles. He has been reading in the field of neuroscience for several years and has been using knowledge of the brain's workings to help managers and leaders increase their effectiveness and deepen their employees' engagement.

Through this seminar, you will get to benefit from his knowledge and increase your effectiveness and your team's commitment and productivity.

Note: This is a CD-ROM for computer use only.



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