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Transferable Skills Scale (TSS)
2nd Edition

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Author: John Liptak, Ed.D., Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D.
Format: 8.5 x 11 six-panel foldout/pkg 25
Date: 2011
Number: JST-578817


Job seekers need transferable skills - like the ability to manage a group, plan events, or analyze information - to qualify for a wide variety of positions and get an edge over the competition. Knowing your best transferable skills allows you to explore jobs based on what you can do, not necessarily on just what you've done in the past. Transferable skills are especially valuable to people looking to change careers, find new opportunities, or return to work after a long absence. After you know your skills, you can use them in all aspects of the job search.

The Transferable Skills Scale is a brief assessment designed to identify an individual's strongest transferable skills. Based on the data, people, things, and ideas model used extensively by career counselors and the Department of Labor, it asks individuals to rate their skill levels on a total of 96 tasks. The resulting score helps define their skill levels in eight categories: Analytical, Numerical, Interpersonal, Organizational, Physical, Informational, Communicative and Creative skills. Each skill set is also specifically linked to O*NET job titles, and an Occupational Exploration worksheet helps individuals further research the jobs that match their transferable skills.

This new edition includes revised items, updated job titles, streamlined scoring, an updated reference list, and a new interior design.

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