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Winning Workshop Strategies

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Author: Lynda Mckim
Format: USB Drive/PDF file
Date: 2018
Number: CLPD-2244-9


Here it is ... the companion book to Building Blocks!

Just as Lynda Mckim walked you step by step through a Personality Dimensions workshop in her first book, Building Blocks, she now offers practical how-to advice for creating effective and enjoyable Applications Session. Included in Winning Workshop Strategies are clear, easy-to-follow directions and suggestions for planning and conducting every aspect of a winning Personality Dimensions® Application Session. As a bonus, Lynda provides a number of ice-breakers, and exercises for testing and reviewing learning in interesting and entertaining ways, as well as techniques for forming groups and workshop wrap-ups.

Winning Workshop Strategies offers a variety of proven exercises and strategies, developed over years by Lynda and many of her colleagues, which can be used to teach PD concepts in a variety of settings (Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Communications, to name a few).

This book will definitely be an asset in developing and delivering highly successful workshops. A must for new facilitators and for experienced facilitators who are looking for new ideas.



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