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PD for Youth PowerPoint

Price :

Format: USB Drive
Date: 2015
Number: CLPD-0072-0


PD for Youth PowerPoint, while similar in content to the standard adult PowerPoint found in the Building Blocks Facilitators Guide, provides the basis for a workshop for youth ages 14+. Unlike the adult materials, PD for Youth has been tailored to suit the needs and experiences for this age group, encouraging them to explore their values and how they see themselves at school and with their friends and family. Facilitators can adapt the content of this presentation to suit the direction and time frame that they need to work effectively with their youth group.

PD for Youth PowerPoint is used in conjunction with:

  • Standard Personality Dimensions Picture Cards and Poster Cards
  • PD at School Dimensions Cards and
  • PD for Youth Participant Packs. 




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