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Lighter Side of Talking in Colour Video
Personality Dimensions Video

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Author: Michael Tudor
Format: DVD - 32mins
Date: 2012
Number: CLPD-422543


The Lighter Side of Talking in Colour

From children and parenting to stress and relationships, this video takes a light-hearted and humorous look at how all of the colours act in day-to-day life at different ages and in different stages. In this live presentation, Michael Tudor brings over 25 years of experiences, stories and anecdotes as an educator, speaker and Personality Dimensions® Master Trainer.  


  1. Introduction
  2. The Lighter Side of Stress
  3. Every Shade of Development
  4. Colourful Kids in the Classroom
  5. The Colourful Side of Friends, Family, Marriage and Parenting
  6. Partying People
  7. Tying it all Together


The Lighter Side of Talking in Colour makes a great addition to Personality Dimensions® workshops and adds a generous serving of laughter to those experiencing a 'Taste of Colour' for the first time.




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