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Differentiated Instruction
Personality Dimensions & Learning Styles

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Author: Michael Tudor, Larry Konyu
Format: Paperback/14pp
Date: 2011
Number: CLPD-40001


Which learners prefer to work independently? Which learners enjoy working with others? Which learners are active, hands on learners and which learners prefer orderly environments? Temperament Theory, which proposes that we are born with certain predispositions, seeks to answer these questions. Although this theory has been studied for centuries, facilitators and teachers now know that this information can help them to recognize innate differences in their learners and to enhance the learning environment.

As a result of many years of experience teaching and facilitating, the authors have accumulated over 50 years of practical examples of how people teach and learn. Furthermore, their experiences have allowed them to discover theories from such well known educational researchers as David Kolb and Bernice McCarthy. These theories combined with the research done by Carl Jung, David Keirsey and Personality Dimensions® give us a more complete picture.



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