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PD Retirement Dimensions Toolkit

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Author: Kate Jones, Roberta Neault, Nell Smith, Marilyn Berezowsky
Format: Coilbound w/CD 85pgs
Date: 2011
Number: CLPD-0059-0


When you are planning a Personality Dimensions® workshop on a special topic it is important to know whether or not all participants will already be familiar with the Personality Dimensions® model (and know their individual spectrum of colours and extraversion/introversion preferences).

Don't assume that everyone will know their colours even if you recently completed an introductory workshop with the group. New members may have recently joined the team, someone may have missed the first workshop or folks may have forgotten their assessment results.

There are a couple of solutions to the dilemma of some people knowing their temperament preferences while others do not.

  • Encourage new people to arrive 45 minutes before the workshop begins to use the cards and complete the Traits and Characteristics Checklist and the Introversion/Extraversion Quiz.
  • Bring sets of other Dimensions Cards to the workshop (e.g., In Relationships, Life Values). Allow people with previous Personality Dimensions® experience to work with the extra cards, while newcomers determine their colours with the standard sets of cards and checklists.
  • As Retirement Dimensions® is a stand-alone tool, you may choose to build it in as your assessment. There is an Introversion / Extraversion Quiz For Retirement included in the Appendix of this toolkit as a supplementary resource.



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