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PD Customer Service, Marketing & Sales Toolkit
3rd Edition

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Author: Dr. Roberta Neault, Deirde Pickerell, MEd
Format: USB Drive PDF 62pgs
Date: 2020
Number: CLPD-0055-0


Personality Dimensions can help any organization design effective sales and marketing campaigns, and customer service programs that recognize and accommodate the diverse preferences and communication styles of customers. The activities in this customizable Personality Dimensions toolkit will help the sales and marketing team design displays, marketing campaigns and advertisements that better target their customers. Workshop participants can learn techniques to conduct more effective sales meetings, increase sales closures and meet the needs of diverse customers. By enhancing understanding of individual styles and preferences, Personality Dimensionscan provide a framework for organizations to reflect on which sales and marketing strategies are working and why, as well as what's not working and what adjustments to make.



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