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60 Second Innovator, The
Sixty Solid Techniques for Creative and Profitable Ideas at Work

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Author: Jeff Davidson
Format: Paperback/176pp
Date: 2009
Number: FWP-506593


When the economy's in free fall, the strongest competitors are the ones rooted in innovation. Today, managers are screaming for innovators who can break through to the next level of business and technology. In sixty succinct, humorous tips, Jeff Davidson helps you learn the practices that will make you a great innovator, such as:

  • Develop the qualities all innovators share
  • Embrace change
  • Enhance out-of-the-box thinking
  • Find new solutions to old problems
  • Be a business innovator as well as a team player

This guide doesn't just show you how to think outside of the box; it shows you how to hop out of the box, pick it up, turn it upside down, and shake out new ideas for profit and success!



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