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5-D Leadership
Key Dimensions for Leading in the Real World

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Author: Scott Campbell, Ellen Samiec
Format: Hardcover/256PP
Date: 2005
Number: ZZFD-6197-5


"Challenges leaders to think about the needs of their organization and how to meet them with a well-thought-out strategy of flexible leadership styles appropriate to their situation."
-Ralph Hyatt, Vice President and General Manager, Toshiba of Canada, Information Systems Group

5-D Leadership debunks the myth that there is only one right way to be an effective leader. Campbell & Samiec identify the five key Leadership Dimensions the most successful leaders use to master today's complex business challenges.
Using real-world examples - from Harley-Davidson to Nestlé, Rudy Giuliani to Shackleton's Antarctic expedition - they demonstrate that lasting leadership effectiveness requires the ability to shift between these five leadership approaches.
5-D Leadership delivers a dynamic process that helps current and aspiring leaders employ all five Leadership Dimensions. Offering a wealth of self-assessment and planning tools, Campbell and Samiec guide leaders to identify and leverage the strengths they already possess, rather than focusing on overcoming weaknesses.


Have We Been Misled? - Leadership Beyond Crisis
When All You Have Is A Hammer: The Five Leadership Dimensions
Some Assembly Required: How to Build a Leadership Dimension
When You're A Few Blocks Short: The Archimedes Principle
Discovering Your Leadership Strengths: Tools for Self-Awareness
Identifying Your Leadership Dimensions: Tools for Self-Discovery
What Color Are Your Glasses? - Perception Isn't Always Reality
How Do You Gain 20/20 Vision? - Seeing Your Context Clearly
Making a Good Thing Better: Maximizing a Good Fit
You Don't Have To Take A Flying Leap: Bridging a Large Gap

About the Authors:

Scott Campbell is an international speaker, author, and consultant whose clients include Johnson & Johnson, Nike, FedEx, IBM, General Electric, and Proctor & Gamble. He is the author of The Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Peak Performance.

Ellen Samiec is a noted leadership development expert with international clients that include Xerox, Bio-Lab, and Unisource. She is the author of 101 Ways to Accomplish More With Less.

Together they are co-founders and directors of 5D Leadership, a Toronto-based training, coaching, and consulting consortium.



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