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Dysfunctional Workplace, The
From Chaos to Collaboration: A Guide to Keeping Sane on the Job

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Author: Peter Morris
Format: Paperback/256pp + CD
Date: 2008
Number: FWP-694130


Are you bullied or harassed at work?
Is your boss something out of a horror movie?
Do your fellow employees backstab, scapegoat, and do everything but work together as a team?
If so, you're not alone. Nine out of ten workplaces experience some form of uncivil behavior. But don't despair(the doctor is in the house. Peter Morris, the Business Shrink, is here to listen to your problems and tell you what to do about them. He'll show you how to:

  • Stand up to the bully and get your co-workers behind you
  • Send the Monster Boss back to his lair
  • Bring your fellow workers together and get them all pulling in the same direction

Using sample scenarios, workplace quizzes, and actual examples from his nationally syndicated show, Morris shows you how to turn your office from a nightmare into a an efficient-and civil-place that you can enjoy coming to every morning.



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