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Breaking the Spell of the Past
Entering the Joyous Now

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Author: Eve Delunas
Format: Paperback/155pp
Date: 2003
Number: ZZCF-2841-9


Do you find yourself repeating the same self-sabotaging or self-destructive patterns, despite your best efforts to change? Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? If so, you may be under the spell of your traumatic past. Breaking the Spell of the Past: Entering the Joyous Now will show you, step-by-step, how to break free of the negative influence of the past and transform your life.

Using the 21 focused exercises presented in the book, you can: release worries, doubts, and fears; feel more peaceful, relaxed, and confident; and, access inner resources for healing as you replace self-defeating behaviors with new, self-empowering choices. Discover how guided imagery can help you feel more connected to your spiritual essence, receive clear inner guidance, and create the life you truly desire.

Dr. Eve Delunas has used these methods for 25 years with a wide range of psychotherapy clients and witnessed the remarkable changes in people's lives that result from this approach. Let this guidebook take you on a journey of awakening to discover the beauty, potential, and unlimited capacity for transformation and well-being that exists within you.

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