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C Student's Guide to Success, The
How to Become a High Achiever Without the Best Grades, Connections, or Pedigree

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Author: Ron Bliwas
Format: Hardcover/245 pp
Date: 2007
Number: CAPC-425563


A very practical, step-by-step guide to career success for those who lack top grades or family connections.

Some people graduate from college, and employers covet them: They are the best and the brightest, with stellar grades and great connections, able to land their dream jobs with major corporations right after school.

This book is not for those people.

In The C Student's Guide to Success, leading advertising executive-and former C student-Ron Bliwas presents a program of ten can't-fail principles for climbing to the top using your brains and talents-rather than family connections or fancy degrees.

Bliwas uses real-world stories of business leaders, revealing how they identified and overcame their own weaknesses, and vaulted ahead of peers who had money and family connections. In surveying the come-from-behind success stories of his subjects, Bliwas provides creative, insightful, down-to-earth advice for new graduates, the recently employed, and those with a few false starts under their belt.

In ten simple chapters, Bliwas teaches you how to:

  • Make the most of many mentors
  • Trust your instinct
  • Strive to be a better person than employee
  • Take responsibility seriously
  • Master the art of purposeful learning
  • Take advantage of unexpected opportunities
  • Sell what you believe
  • Go where the stars aren't
  • Be a smart risk-taker
  • Overcome straight-line thinking



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