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Out & About
An Interactive Course in Beginning English

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Author: Amy Hemmert, Rick Kappra
Format: Paperback/185pp
Date: 2004
Number: ALT-8301-8


This innovative, activity-packed textbook gets beginning learners of English on their feet and speaking the language from day one! Through Out and About's dynamic, student-centered approach, students will:

  • learn to communicate in everyday situations - from the classroom to the doctor's office;
  • master useful vocabulary related to everyday topics, including housing, clothing, and shopping;
  • acquire important life skills through practical, hands-on activities related to reading maps, making appointments, and talking on the phone;
  • build valuable study skills and critical thinking skills;
  • gain independence and confidence!

Each unit provides a well-defined series of picture-based vocabulary activities followed by contextualized, multi-skill practice activities. Key language and vocabulary are recycled and reinforced in creative and stimulating ways.



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