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Paint Your Career Green
Get a Green Job Without Starting Over

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Author: Stan Schatt, Michele Lobl
Format: Paperback/234pp
Date: 2012
Number: JST-578596


  • Provides an overview of green certificate programs that offer retraining in a short timeframe
  • Shows how and where to research green careers and employers
  • Puts readers on the path to a green career while saving them time and money

People's interest in green jobs is soaring, but few books actually address what these jobs are and how they can be obtained. In fact, Paint Your Career Green is the only book that offers practical advice on what it takes to transition into a green career.

This book provides a roadmap for people who want to avoid starting over or taking a severe pay cut when they change careers to become part of a growing green industry. Readers will learn about green certificate programs that offer retraining in a short timeframe. They'll also gain practical tips on how to manage finances while changing careers, tools for assessing themselves and building a career-change plan, and advice for using social networking websites to uncover green opportunities.

Authors Stan Schatt and Michele Lobl also guide readers through key job search stages, equipping them with resume and cover letter tips and interview advice specifically tailored for career changers.



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