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Selling Air
How to Jump-Start Your Career in Radio Sales

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Author: Bob Diamond
Format: Paperback/116pp
Date: 2008
Number: IUS-477739


The Perfect Book for Every Aspiring Radio Sales Professional!

Until now, there has been no definitive guidebook on how to launch a successful career in radio sales. With Selling Air (radio talk for selling commercial time), Bob Diamond, a radio account executive with more than 20 years of achievement in the industry, provides comprehensive advice on how to get started.

Bob's clear, concise style tells you how to:

  • Make an informed choice about a career in radio sales
  • Find a job that's right for you
  • Prepare for your interview with a sales manager
  • Navigate your way through your first few weeks on the job
  • Develop the selling and interpersonal skills unique to radio sales
  • Create strategies that ensure win-win customer relationships

- and much more, including Bob's top 10 tips that will help you maintain a positive attitude and a substantial income on a long-term basis.



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