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Nail Your Law Job Interview
The Essential Guide to Firm, Clerkship, Government, In-House, and Lateral Interviews

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Author: Natalie Prescott, Oleg Cross
Format: Paperback/224pp
Date: 2009
Number: CPI-630537


Law students, laterals, government lawyers, and even senior in-house attorneys often make costly mistakes during interviews. Nail Your Law Job Interview provides tips, examples, and substantive advice on different kinds of job interviews. It is the only comprehensive interview book for lawyers.

Through real-life examples and tips from hundreds of prominent legal professionals, this book reveals successful interview strategies, insider perspectives, and bold moves. Topics include:

  • Unique challenges facing foreign and "involuntary"? job applicants.
  • Questions not to ask and answers to avoid.
  • Body language, gap-fillers, and effective interview questions.
  • What to wear, what to bring, and how to do your homework.
  • Lunch interview etiquette.
  • Dealing with inappropriate questions and arrogant interviewers.
  • Tips for working with a headhunter and negotiating an offer.

Nail Your Law Job Interview is a must-have for every candidate who hopes to obtain a legal position in today's legal market!



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