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Your Successful Real Estate Career
4th edition

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Author: Kenneth W. Edwards
Format: Paperback/240 pp
Date: 2003
Number: RCAM-471609


With its practical guidelines and real-world examples, this book takes readers through all the many different opportunities and challenges they're likely to face. The new edition features chapters on how the profession is evolving, including how today's professionals are using technology to make their jobs easier and more lucrative.

Among the most sustaining introductory books about real estate, the new fourth edition of Your Successful Real Estate Career provides guidance for anyone new to the real estate industry and those who are considering real estate as a career. The book's 18 chapters explore the basics of the real estate profession - from deciding if it's the right career for you and how to get your license to the choices you need to make once you make the leap.

Your Successful Real Estate Career was first published in 1987 and has gone through three previous editions, with the fourth edition released in 2003. According to Edwards, he based much of the book upon his own direct observations. Additionally, he conducted a written survey of several hundred real estate brokers and salespeople nationwide to examine what factors cause salespeople to leave the field; he quotes respondents throughout the book.



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