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Sales Careers
The Ultimate Guide to Getting a High-Paying Sales Job

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Author: Louise M. Kursmark, Edward R. Newill
Format: Paperback/208pp
Date: 2003
Number: JST-709593


  • A valuable guide for those who think sales may be the career for them
  • Special advice for women entering the male-dominated sales field
  • Helpful resume samples written by professional resume writers, targeted to entry-level and advanced sales jobs
  • Salary data for the most common and sought-after sales jobs
  • "Day in the life" profiles of successful sales professionals
  • Innovative strategies from insiders and hiring managers for the best way to break into this lucrative field
  • Guidance on making it through the all-important interview for a sales job
  • Self-assessment direction for determining whether sales is the right career
  • Appendix of resources for job leads and further information, including web sites

"Could a sales career be the right move for me? And if so, how do I go about getting a job in sales?" 25-year sales veteran Ted Newill and professional resume writer Louise Kursmark answer these questions by detailing the opportunities and challenges, the skills and traits needed to succeed, and the strategies for getting a high-paying sales job.

"This is not a sales 'rah-rah' book that is designed to talk you into a sales career by artificially boosting your ego with a lot of psychobabble," says author Ted Newill. "Making a career mistake can be tragic for the individual and the company he or she is trying to represent." Instead, the book gives a realistic picture of what a sales job is like and lets the reader decide if sales is a good career option.



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