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When Your Parents Sign the Paychecks
Finding Career Success Inside or Outside the Family Busines

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Author: Greg McCann
Format: Paperback/272pp
Date: 2007
Number: JST-573232


When your parents own the family business, your career decisions hit close to home. This new resource is the only book written to help the next generation decide if they want a career in their family's business.

The author guides them through the challenges, opportunities, and risks that are never addressed in school and sometimes not openly discussed in the family. It explains that young people in these families need to take charge of their own career paths, avoid entitlement, and earn respect and credibility, whether inside or outside the company. Instead of being seduced into not working hard or joining the family business by default, the next generation learns the steps for professional success. These steps show all family business offspring how to find career direction, create an education and career plan, develop marketability, face their family's expectations, preserve relationships, get objective mentors, and handle wealth and power.

Based on years of experience at the number one family business college program, the guide contains examples and proven advice to help the next generation take ownership of their future before deciding whether to join the family business and eventually take ownership of the company.

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