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Job Seeker's Online Goldmine
A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Government and No-Cost Web Tools

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Author: Janet E. Wall, Ed.D.
Format: Paperback/240pp
Date: 2006
Number: JST-572945


  • Reveals little-known but powerful career and education Internet tools.
  • Not just a directory; offers step-by-step instructions on using sites.

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A one-of-a-kind job search book that taps into the Web resources sponsored by Uncle Sam and other noncommercial entities. Job seekers, students, and anyone interested in important career information will find a goldmine of assistance through the little-known, but highly useful, Web tools described in this book.

This action-based, goal-oriented handbook guides the reader in accomplishing specific career and education goals - all by using high-quality, no-charge Web tools that help them pinpoint career interests, write resumes, find job openings, improve skills, get scholarships, and more!

Through a step-by-step, visual format, this resource pulls together a wealth of online options that are not widely publicized because they are funded by tax dollars or nonprofit organizations. Job Seeker's Online Goldmine describes completely free and safe Web tools that use the latest labor market information and help the reader perform specific career-related functions.

In one book, students and job seekers are given assessment tools to help them identify their skills and interests; extensive career tools for finding the right occupation and landing a job; education and training programs plus scholarship and grant information; and tools for making a career transition.



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