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Think Like an Interviewer
Your Job Hunting Guide to Success

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Author: Ronald Auerbach
Format: Paperback/180pp
Date: 2008
Number: IUS-452125


Praised by hiring managers and career advisors, Think Like an Interviewer is a job hunter's best friend. It'll help you be successful and blow your competition away. Full of with tips and tricks you won't find anywhere. The perfect resource for anyone looking for work today.Within its pages, you'll learn:

  • Various interviewing methods and how to handle each one successfully
  • How cover letters, resumes, and interviews fit into the hiring process
  • Valuable tips and information for creating a winning cover letter and resume
  • The main purpose behind many interview questions
  • How you can successfully respond to interview questions

Mr. Auerbach is a master at presenting information in a very straightforward way that is very easy to understand and follow. His varied background, training, and experiences help him relate to you in a way most others cannot. So whether you're a looking for work, changing careers, in school, or a recent graduate, Think like an Interviewer is for you! Proven advice from somebody who's worked in the real world, is a skilled instructor, and wants you motivated and successful!



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