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Hope-Filled Engagement
New Possibilities in Life/Career Counselling

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Author: Gray Poehnell, Norman E. Amundson
Format: Paperback/357pp
Date: 2011
Number: ERG-465315


Hope-Filled Engagement: New Possibilities in Life/Career Counselling, a sequel to the popular Active Engagement by Dr. Norman Amundson, addresses the increasing diversity and complexity that life/career practitioners encounter in working with multi-barriered clients. It seeks to create an environment of hope for people, focusing on tools and processes that combine a wholistic worldview (including creativity, spirituality, connectedness, values, and life balance) with sound contemporary career concepts. It is a person-centered, solution-focused, hope-focused approach that engages people where they are engaged with life and that equips them to walk their life/career paths with dignity whatever the challenge.



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