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Be a Star Facilitator or Presenter of Training
A Performance-Supported Handbook

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Author: Stella Louise Cowan
Format: Paperback/74pp
Number: HRD-259292


Unleash the power of learning for every participant in the room

This book is a treasure trove of information for those who facilitate or present training and want to become "stars." Learn how to unleash the very powerful experience of learning for each participant in the room.

Designed to simplify the preparation process, the guide is organized into two sections focused on the two "hats" you must wear to be successful. You'll learn how to be a good presenter who delivers information, informs and tells. You'll also learn how to be a good teacher/coach who motivates, guides, gives performance feedback and facilitates action.

The author's unique SERT model walks you step-by-step through the preparation process via a series of interactive worksheets covering how to:

  • Set up using storytelling, handouts of instructions, and assignment of roles to prepare participants to learn
  • Execute by conducting the session using media and/or props and managing the group process
  • Reflect/debrief by using journaling, large-group sharing and a flipchart gallery
  • Transition through the use of recaps, previews and other techniques for moving smoothly to the next segment of instruction

The 23 performance-support tools include checklists, tip sheets and self-instruments to not only improve your skills as a presenter and teacher/coach, but to transform you into a star.



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