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How To Say It On Your Resume
A Top Recruiting Directors Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume

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Author: Brad Karsh, Courtney Pike
Format: Paperback/304pp
Date: 2009
Number: CAPC-204348


An insider shows how to tailor a résumé that sets applicants apart from a sea of candidates.

Recruiting director Brad Karsh has worked with thousands of misguided job seekers. Now he's putting his experience into print, with step-by-step guidelines to improve the wording, content, and format of any résumé.

Knowing how employers choose candidates, the author shows how to make a résumé stand out. Whether readers are looking to make a career change, re-enter the workforce, find a first job, or acquire an internal position, Karsh demonstrates how to transform any résumé - and get results. Includes advice for:

  • First jobs
  • Re-entering the work force
  • Applicants who have been laid off
  • Career changes
  • Older applicants
  • And more



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