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Resume, Application, and Letter Tips for People With Hot and Not-So-Hot Backgrounds
185 tips for landing the perfect job!

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Author: Ron Krannich, Ph.D, Caryl Krannich, Ph.D
Format: Paperback/227
Date: 2006
Number: IMP-232404


Finding a job can be a daunting task, especially when presenting yourself in writing to strangers who know little or nothing about you. In the eyes of most employers, you essentially are what you write. Indeed, your first encounter with an employer will most likely be in writing via a resume, application, and/or letter. Your writing abilities and skills will largely determine whether or not you will be contacted for the critical job interview.

So, how well prepared are you for writing your way to job search success? Do you know what to say and how to say it properly? Should you reveal your salary expectations and references in writing? How honest should you be about your background? Should you include an objective and personal information on your resume? When is it appropriate to e-mail, fax, or mail a resume and letter? To whom should you address your correspondence? What's the best way to design and produce your resume? Should you spend money on blasting your resume to hundreds of employers? What follow-up methods work best? Where can you get expert help in writing a first-class resume? What types of cover letters work best?

Answers to these and dozens of other important job search questions are detailed in this unique user-friendly book by two of America's leading career experts. Among their many tips, they reveal:

  • An effective 10-step job search process
  • Key attitudes and behaviors for success
  • Writing errors you should avoid
  • How to transform your negatives to positives
  • The importance of assessment and objectives
  • Action steps you can take to get results
  • How to best deal with potential red flags
  • The best ways to present work history
  • Evaluation techniques for strengthening communication
  • Follow-up methods that can help you land the job
  • The most powerful types of job search letters

The book also includes sample resumes and letters along with a wealth of illustrations, self-assessment devices, and evaluation exercises to help you produce outstanding resumes, applications, and letters. Whether you have a hot or not-so-hot background, don't write to an employer without first consulting the many sound tips outlined in this special book.



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