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Real-Resumes for Jobs in Non-Profit Organizations

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Author: Edited by Anne McKinney
Format: Paperback
Date: 2004
Number: PRP-288400


Welcome to the Real-Resumes® Series. The Real-Resumes® Series is a series of books which have been developed based on the experiences of real job hunters and which target specialized fields or types of resumes.

The resumes and cover letters in this book are designed to be of most value to people already in a job hunt or contemplating a career change. The cover letter plays such a critical role in a career change, you will learn from the experts how to format your cover letters and you will see suggested language to use in particular career-change situations.

Every resume and cover letter in this book actually worked and most have common features: most are one-page, most are in chronological format, and most resumes are accompanied by a companion cover letter. Whatever your field, and whatever your circumstances, you'll find resumes and cover letters that will "show you the ropes" in terms of successfully changing jobs and switching careers.



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