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e-Resumes, 3rd Ed.
A Guide to Successful Online Job Hunting

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Author: Pat Criscito
Format: Paperback/336pp
Date: 2005
Number: BES-128967


Originally titled Resumes in Cyberspace, this new edition has been updated to keep pace with the latest trends in job hunting and career development opportunities via the Web. It gives job seekers advice and step-by-step instruction on how to create the perfect electronic resume, which can be sent virtually anywhere in the world from one's home computer. A list of websites accepting e-resumes and offering jobs online has been updated and streamlined, presenting the top ten companies in each major career category. Thousands more links are kept up-to-date on the book's companion website. No longer perceived as a "link book," this new edition places increased emphasis on the "how-to" of resume design, writing, and use on the Internet. A new chapter teaches readers how to create and use e-portfolios in their job searches, which is then tied into the current chapter on home-page resumes.



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