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Tell Stories Get Hired
Innovative Strategies to Land Your Next Job and Advance Your Career

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Author: Daisy Wright
Format: Paperback/185pp
Date: 2014
Number: ZWCS-310442


We tell stories every day - to family, friends, and colleagues - and we do it with ease. Yet, when it comes to the job search, or our careers, we fail to use these natural storytelling techniques to our advantage. Tell Stories, Get Hired demonstrates that the way to a hiring manager's heart is through storytelling.

Storytelling is the foundation on which your career marketing efforts are built. Your résumé, LinkedIn Profile, elevator pitch, personal website and blog are all telling your story. Learn how to coordinate these elements of your story into an authentic personal brand and advance your career.

Tell Stories, Get Hired features advice and insight from individuals who have experienced some of the job search and career challenges you have faced. None found their experience easy, but they used their stories to get ahead.

The book addresses how to:

  • Create a storytelling résumé and biography
  • Prepare for the interview using stories
  • Build a social media job search campaign
  • Advance your career through sponsorships
  • Network and build professional relationships
  • Work with recruiters

 The storytelling techniques in this book will boost your chances of landing the job or career you want.



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