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Career In Your Suitcase, A, 4th Ed.
A Practical Guide To Creating Meaningful Work...Anywhere

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Author: J Parfitt, Colleen Reichrath-Smith
Format: Paperback/381pp
Date: 2013
Number: ZCJS-193147


Do you want to find a career that is:

  • based on what you love to do more than anything;
  • created from your strongest skills and best assets;
  • will let you work anywhere;
  • can be sustained and developed even if you move again?

then you need A Career in Your Suitcase.

In this fully revised and updated 4th edition, A Career in Your Suitcase enters its 15th year of inspiring, motivating and supporting men and women who want to love what they do for a living. Now packed with over 20 exercises that combine to create your unique Career Passport, the new edition covers everything you need from finding your passion, to developing a brand, networking on and offline and marketing. This time, career consultant, Colleen Reichrath-Smith, joins serial expat entrepreneur, Jo Parfitt, in the latest and most comprehensive incarnation of this best selling book



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