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150 Best Jobs for a Secure Future

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Author: Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D.
Format: Paperback/432pp
Date: 2012
Number: JST-578893


Jobs with stability are in demand. More than ever, people want assurance that another recession, technological advances, or offshoring won't derail their careers.

150 Best Jobs for a Secure Future reveals which occupations are most likely to sustain such situations. In just two steps, this book helps readers identify jobs that are secure in good and bad economies and learn more about them. Approximately 175 best jobs lists rank secure occupations according to earnings, growth, openings, education level, age, personality type, and more. Bonus lists reveal jobs that are highly sensitive to economic downturn and vulnerable to offshoring.

Next, readers can browse information-packed descriptions to learn about the jobs that interest them. These descriptions include details about each job's pay, growth, openings, skills needed, education and training requirements, highest-growth fields, and much more.



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