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Envisioning Your Perfect Career

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Author: Dr. Brad McRae, CSP
Format: Electronic PDF / 95pp
Date: 2012
Number: CONMAI-000001


Testimonials from those who have used this workbook to envision their own perfect career.

"My position entailed helping people who were let go in the recent economic
downturn. Envisioning Your Perfect Career was the perfect tool to help them
become more proactive at one of the most difficult times of their lives. I
recommend it highly."

"Due to a recent downsizing, I had to prepare for an imminent job loss and
potential career change. Envisioning Your Perfect Career provided me with
the tools and guidance I needed in order to make good decisions and to be
more in control of the difficult situation I was dealing with. I am now much
more confident and better prepared to take the next steps of my career."

"I am close to official retirement but in no way am I ready to stop
contributing. I also realize that it is important for me to chose what I want to
do next very carefully. I was very fortunate to find Envisioning Your Perfect
and would like to add it works just as well for retirement planning as
career planning."

"I am a university student and found that I was very discouraged after first
year because I didn't like my major. I wanted to stay in university, but didn’t
want to waste another year. I found that the techniques in Envisioning Your
Perfect Career
, especially the last half of the book were a real lifesaver."

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