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Pocket Book of Job Search Data & Tips, 4th Ed.

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Author: Editors at JIST
Format: Paperback/32pp
Date: 2012
Number: JST-579258


This handy booklet provides an easy way to store job search information, as well as a quick reference of the essential job search tips every job seeker needs to have.

Content includes worksheets for documenting skills, work experience, training, military experience, workshops, certifications, professional associations, and more. Readers gain tips for completing applications, preparing resumes, acing interviews, finding job leads, creating JIST Cards, and meeting employer expectations. The booklet also features a sample thank-you note, an interview checklist, and a directory of helpful websites and other resources.

This new edition has been enhanced to include tips for completing online job applications, suggestions for phone screenings and phone interviews, and advice for using social networking in the job search.



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