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I Found a Job!
Career Advice from Job Hunters Who Landed On Their Feet

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Author: Marcia Heroux Pounds
Format: Paperback/202pp
Date: 2011
Number: JST-578145


  • Opens readers' eyes to what works and what doesn't in today's competitive job market.
  • Shares case studies and stories from dozens of successful job seekers.

Job hunting has radically changed since the last time many people looked for a job - particularly now that the nation is in the midst of recovering from a global economic meltdown. Many of the job search techniques that worked five or ten years ago are now obsolete. People need bold, new strategies to uncover little-know opportunities and get their foot in the door with employers.

This guidance is exactly what readers gain throughout I Found a Job!, written by Marcia Heroux Pounds, Florida's most trusted career advisor. This uplifting book explores the most relevant and pressing issues in the current labor market to show readers what techniques are working right now. Pounds weaves lessons about the job search with actual experiences of successful job seekers who overcame economic turbulence to land great jobs.

I Found a Job! steers readers through every step of the job search, teaching them how to:

  • Develop and implement an aggressive job search plan.
  • Position themselves as a top candidate.
  • Adjust their mindset and expectations.
  • Keep perspective during financial turmoil.
  • Rebound from rejection and learn from mistakes.

Readers will also discover what to do after they secure employment to ensure that they stay visible in their field and advance on the job.



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