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End of Work as You Know It, The
8 Strategies to Redefine Work on Your Own Terms

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Author: Milo Sindell, Thuy Sindell
Format: Paperback/144pp
Date: 2009
Number: TSP-089975


In today's often-challenging job market, many of us want to feel more engaged with our current jobs rather than try to find the "perfect" position. Veteran leadership consultants and authors Milo and Thuy Sindell share eight thought-provoking strategies to help you create the end of work as you know it - their phrase for the ideal state of harmony among what you do for a living, why you do it, and the results you achieve.

Strategies such as Initiate Change, Create Meaning, Spark Creativity, and Build Legacy will empower you to make your job work for you - instead of the other way around. Real-world examples and practical exercises put the strategies into context and are sure to inspire you to take action, transforming the daily grind into lasting, meaningful accomplishments. These tools can help you regroup whenever you find yourself disengaged at the office, regardless of your field or career stage. So when you're ready to quit singing the 9-to-5 blues, The End of Work as You Know It guides you toward aligning your values with your professional goals in order to fundamentally change your experience of work.



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